Auger Electron Spectroscopy of Thin Cr2GeC Films

Andryushchenko, T.A., Lyaschenko, S.A., Varnakov, S.N., (...), Maximova, O.A., Ovchinnikov, S.G.// Physics of Metals and Metallography//

Auger electron spectroscopy was used to determine the phase composition of Cr2GeC MAX phase thin films. A distinctive feature of the formation of carbon-containing MAX phases is the shape of carbon Auger peaks, which is characteristic of metal carbides spectra. Features of the Auger spectra in the presence of secondary phases of chromium germanides are found. Their presence can manifest itself in an increase in the energy of the germanium peaks, which is caused by a chemical shift during the formation of the Cr–Ge bond. Moreover, we have detected the accumulation of electronic charge, which can be explained by the features of the surface morphology.