Application of DUT-4 MOF structure switching for optical and electrical humidity sensing

Krylov, A.S., Shipilovskikh, S.A., Krylova, S.N., (...), Vtyurin, A.N., Milichko, V.A.// Dalton Transactions//


The threshold structural transformation of the DUT-4 metal–organic framework (MOF) from an ordered to distorted phase during exposure to ambient conditions has been revealed. The in situ X-ray diffraction analysis, in situ Raman and FTIR spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy and synchronous thermal analysis have been used for investigation. The reversible effect of exposure time and humidity on such a phase transition has been confirmed. We also demonstrated that the observed phase transition correlated well with changes in the optical and electronic properties of DUT-4, paving the way to a new family of MOF-based phase change materials for optoelectronic applications.