Absorption spectra of the purple nonsulfur bacteria light-harvesting complex: A DFT study of the B800 part

Begunovich, L.V., Kovaleva, E.A., Korshunov, M.M., Shabanov, V.F.// Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry//


We’ve studied the B800 part of Rhodoblastus acidophilus light-harvesting complex (LH2) by several quantum chemical techniques based on the density functional theory (DFT) and determined the specific method and a minimal reliable model suitable for further studies of the LH2. In addition to bacteriochlorophyll a molecules, the minimal model includes two α and one β chain amino acids. Within the model, we are able to reproduce the contribution of the B800 ring of nine bacteriochlorophyll a molecules to the near infrared Qy absorption band. We also discuss the use of hybrid DFT calculations for precise energy and optical estimations and DFT-based tight binding (DFTB) method for the large-scale calculations. Crucial importance of Hartree-Fock exchange interaction for the correct description of B800 peak position was shown.