A 10 GHz Monolithic Filter Based on Stripline Resonators with a Split Conductor

Govorun, I.V., Belyaev, B.A., Zav’yalov, Y.B., (...), Ugryumov, A.V., Galeev, R.G.// Doklady Physics//


The monolithic design of a compact bandpass filter X-band is made on the technology of multilayered printed circuit boards. Quarter-wave stripline resonators of the filter have two conductors divided by a layer of prepreg having low parameters that bond together the design. This eliminates the influence of the prepreg on the characteristics of the devices, ensuring good repeatability of filters in mass production. To increase the high-frequency stopband of the filter, one of the conductors of each resonator is cut in half by a transverse slit. The constructive sizes of the device were obtained by parametric synthesis using the electrodynamic analysis of its 3D model. The experimental data of the five-order filter are in good agreement with the electromagnetic simulation of filter of the 3D model. The experimental device has a central frequency of the passband of 10 GHz and a fractional bandwidth of 5.7%, and its dimensions and weight are 18.0 × 5.4 × 2.1 mm3 and 0.5 g. The important advantage of the developed design is the possibility of its installation on the board using the surface mounting method.