Unveiling Talbot Effect under Fresnel Diffraction at a Fork-Shaped Grating

Ikonnikov, D.A., Myslivets, S.A., Davletshin, N.N., (...), Arkhipkin, V.G., Vyunishev, A.M.// Annalen der Physik//


The near-field effect of diffraction image self-reproduction or self-imaging of a periodic grating illuminated by quasi-monochromatic wave is well-known as the Talbot effect. Introducing a dislocation to a periodic structure provides a fork-shaped modulation of the phase/amplitude, which produces discrete diffraction pattern in a far-field consisting of optical vortices. In this paper, Fresnel diffraction at amplitude fork-shaped grating is theoretically and experimentally studied. The coexistence of spatial ordering and local violation of translational symmetry of the structure manifests itself in a strict diffraction pattern consisting of optical vortices in the far-field, which is shown to be accompanied by formation of a spatially ordered intensity distribution in the near-field, reminiscent the Talbot carpets for periodic structures. These results demonstrate the first evidence of Talbot effect occurred under light diffraction at fork-shaped gratings, being promising for deep understanding of near-field singular optics phenomena.