Transformation of 5I8→5F5 Ho absorption band in Ho0.75Nd0.25Fe3(BO3)4 crystal during spin-reorientation transition

Malakhovskii, A.V., Sukhachev, A.L., Sokolov, V.V., Gudim, I.A., Kuchesheva-Titova, V.R.// Physica B: Condensed Matter//

Polarized absorption spectra of crystal Ho0.75Nd0.25Fe3(BO3)4 in the region of the 5I8→5F5 absorption band of Ho ions were investigated depending on temperature in the range of 5–20 K. Absorption spectra are decomposed into components of the Lorentz form. The spin-reorientation phase transition was detected at 6.9 K. The observed line position shifts during the reorientation transition were different for different lines, which indicated different local magnetic anisotropy of the Ho ion in its excited states. Significant changes in absorption line intensities as a function of temperature were observed during the reorientation transition and above. These were explained as a consequence of the change in even components of the local crystal field in excited states. These components mix the closely spaced 4f states. Distortion of local symmetry in the ground state was detected at one of the electron transitions.