Temperature Raman study of Li4Ti5O12 and ambiguity in the number of its bands

Nikiforov, A.A., Krylov, A.S., Krylova, S.N., Gorshkov, V.S., Pelegov, D.V.// Journal of Raman Spectroscopy//


The two primary physical methods for identifying lithium titanate, a negative electrode material used commercially, are X-Ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy. Although there are many publications on this topic, they are focused mainly on chemistry, so there are still some points that require clarification from a physical and methodological point of view. Difference of experimentally observed and theoretically predicted Raman spectra was explained through a combination of experiments and computations. The work comprises experiments and computations to explain why there are different numbers of predicted and observed Raman-active bands. Our low-temperature study and the analysis of thermal shifts during heating led us to conclude that the approach with surplus bands is advantageous and we recommend using major F2g band shifts to estimate the sample heating.