Structural, magnetic and electrochemical characteristics of Ni/C composites fabricated from modified hydrolytic lignin

Tsyganova, S.I., Yu. Fetisova, O., Velikanov, D.A., Taran, O.P.// Materials Letters//

The synthesis of metal–carbon materials based on hydrolytic lignin by its modification with subsequent carbonation is studied. It is shown the modification of hydrolysis lignin with ZnCl2 and NiCl2 leads to a significant increase of specific surface area up to 716 m2/g and the apparent specific capacity up to 350F/g of carbonized composite. It was found out that fabricated Ni/C composites are characterized by a coercive force of 80–105 Oe, a saturation magnetization of 4–11 Gs∙cm3/g, and a residual magnetization of 0.28–0.45 Gs∙cm3/g. This indicates the prospects of their use as a magnetically soft material.