Site-Engineering for Controlling Multiple-Excitation and Emission in Eu2+-Activated CaSrSiO4 Phosphors in Marine Fisheries

Shuifu Liu, Dawei Wen, Rongkai Du, Chunyan Jiang, Jun Chen, Junhao Li, Lei Zhou, Maxim S. Molokeev, Mingmei Wu// Advanced Optical Materials//

Artificial light fishing technology has been used in marine fisheries for thousands of years. The light source with multi-color adjustable output is expected to become a new generation of fish-attracting lamps. Herein, a new method of crystal-site engineering through reducing atmospheres is proposed for the development of Eu2+ doped single-phase phosphor with multi-excitation and multi-emission properties. Following this approach, the distribution ratio of Eu2+ at Ca2+ and Sr2+ sites in CaSrSiO4 (CSO) can be modulated. Importantly, Eu2+ at both lattice sites exhibit non-interfering optical properties, CSO:Eu2+ phosphor realizes multi-color output from green to yellow and then to red when Eu2+ occupies the Sr2+ and Ca2+ sites in a relatively balanced ratio. Benefitting from the tunable color range covering the spectral sensitivity regions of most marine fishes, this phosphor may eventually be applied in futuristic innovative fish-attracting lamps.