Radiation of a Material Particle Placed in a Dielectric Medium under the Action of Electromagnetic Field

B. A. Belyaev, V. V. Tyurnev & D. A. Shabanov //


It has been shown that taking account of radiation from a material particle with negative relative permittivity εp that is in a dielectric medium with permittivity εm and experiences the action of an electromagnetic field prevents unlimited growth of particle’s electric dipole moment and its related electric fields if 2εm + εp → 0 and the medium and particle are lossless. Calculated radiation losses are embodied in a correction to the dielectric losses of a real particle. Using polystyrene with a silver nanoparticle showing negative permittivity in the optical range as an example, the behavior of the particle versus particle size has been studied for the permittivity varying in the interval –16 < εp < 16. It has been found that even if the permittivity of the nanoparticle is positive, taking the particle radiation into account considerably improves the accuracy of quasistatic calculation.