Possibilities of Controlling the Quantum States of Hole Qubits in an Ultrathin Germanium Layer Using a Magnetic Substrate: Results from ab Initio Calculations

Chibisov, A.N., Chibisova, M.A., Prokhorenko, A.V., (...), Fedorov, A.S., Yu, Y.-X.// Nanomaterials//


Using density functional theory in the noncollinear approximation, the behavior of quantum states of hole qubits in a Ge/Co:ZnO system was studied in this work. A detailed analysis of the electronic structure and the distribution of total charge density and hole states was carried out. It was shown that in the presence of holes, the energetically more favorable quantum state is the state |0˃, in contrast to the state |1˃ when there is no hole in the system. The favorability of hole states was found to be dependent on the polarity of the applied electric field.