Optical Texture Super-Lattices Produced by Talbot Effect at Superimposed Gratings

Darmaev, E.C., Ikonnikov, D.A., Myslivets, S.A., (...), Arkhipkin, V.G., Vyunishev, A.M.// Annalen der Physik//


Fresnel diffraction on periodic gratings results in a two-dimensional periodic distribution of light intensity, also known as the Talbot effect. Here this approach is extended to the family of superimposed structures with translational symmetry, which consist of superposed spatial harmonics. The Talbot effect is demonstrated to be valid for superimposed gratings. The considered superimposed gratings provide a wide range of textures of optical super-lattices. These texture super-lattices represent a Talbot carpets with a complex motif, which can be varied by choosing structure parameters. These results provide a new functionality for structuring optical lattices and can find potential applications in a wide range of light–matter interactions.