Non-Markovian master equation for quantum transport of fermionic carriers

Maksimov, Dmitrii N; Aksenov, Sergei; Kolovsky, Andrey R// Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter//

DOI 10.1088/1361-648X/ad0351

We propose a simple, yet feasible, model for quantum transport of fermionic carriers across tight-binding chain connecting two reservoirs maintained at arbitrary temperatures and chemical potentials. The model allows for elementary derivation of the master equation for the reduced single particle density matrix in a closed form in both Markov and Born approximations. In the Markov approximation the master equation is solved analytically, whereas in the Born approximation the problem is reduced to an algebraic equation for the single particle density matrix in the Redfield form. The non-Markovian equation is shown to lead to resonant transport similar to Landauer's conductance. It is shown that in the deep non-Markovian regime the transport current can be matched with that obtained by the non-equilibrium Green's function method