Microstrip Rejecting Bandstop Filter

Leksikov, A.A., Afonin, A.O., Aleksandrovsky, A.A., (...), Serzhantov, A.M., Govorun, I.V.// IEEE International Multi-Conference on Engineering, Computer and Information Sciences//

DOI: 10.1109/SIBIRCON56155.2022.10016938

The paper is devoted to simulation, designing and fabrication of a microstrip 5-order bandstop rejecting filter. The bandstop filter uses classic schem, e.g. it consists of a microstrip through (common) line whose ends serve input and output ports. In the vicinity of the line a number of microstrip rejecting resonators locate, in our case five S-shaped resonators. They electromagnetically interact with the line, that forces signals, having frequenscies, bieng equal to the resonant ones, to reject (reflect) from a device. Dielectric substrate of the device has thickness 1.0 mm, and other sizes are 44.0×20.0 mm 2 . The filter described in this work has shielding. In a band 1480 MHz …1499 MHz rejection exceeds 50 dB. Transmission bands at a level –2 dB are 0…1437 MHz and 1563 MHz…3000 MHz lower and upper correspondingly. Return loss in the passbands does not exceed –16 dB (VSWR≤1.4). Good agreement is observed between simulated and experimental data. Fabricated filter has small size.