Magnetic transitions and excitonic order enhancement in spin crossover strongly correlated electron systems

Orlov, Y.S., Nikolaev, S.V., Tegai, S.P., Paklin, N.N., Ovchinnikov, S.G.// Materials Today Communications//

The effects of exciton Bose condensation in strongly correlated spin crossover systems are considered within the effective Hamiltonian obtained from the two-orbital Hubbard–Kanamori model. The spectrum of collective excitations at various points of the temperature-crystal field phase diagram is calculated. The role of the electron–phonon interaction is discussed. A novel mechanism of excitonic and related magnetic order photoenhancement in strongly correlated spin crossover systems based on the massive collective phase mode appearance is demonstrated. In addition, we have shown that exciton and associated with it magnetic ordering can be photoinduced outside the exciton condensate phase due to the gap presence in the spectrum of single excitations.