Magnetic Properties of FeNi/Cu-Based Lithographic Rectangular Multilayered Elements for Magnetoimpedance Applications

Melnikov, Grigory Yu; Vazhenina, Irina G; Iskhakov, Rauf S; Boev, Nikita M; Komogortsev, Sergey V; Svalov, Andrey V; Kurlyandskaya, Galina V// Sensors//

The rectangular elements in magnetoimpedance (MI) configuration with a specific nanocomposite laminated structure based on FeNi and Cu layers were prepared by lift-off lithographic process. The properties of such elements are controlled by their shape, the anisotropy induced during the deposition, and by effects associated with the composite structure. The characterizations of static and dynamic properties, including MI measurements, show that these elements are promising for sensor applications. We have shown that competition between the shape anisotropy and the in-plane induced anisotropy of the element material is worth taking into account in order to understand the magnetic behavior of multilayered rectangular stripes. A possibility of the dynamic methods (ferromagnetic and spin-wave resonance) to describe laminated planar elements having a non-periodic modulation of both structure and magnetic parameters of a system is demonstrated. We show that the multilayered structure, which was originally designed to prevent the development of a “transcritical” state in magnetic layers and to reach the required thickness, also induces the effects that hinder the achievement of the goal, namely an increase in the perpendicular magnetic anisotropy energy.