Luminescent studies of flexible [DUT-8 (Zn)] metal-organic frameworks

Slyusarenko, N.V., Krylov, A.S., Timofeeva, M.V., Shipilovskikh, S.A., Slyusareva, E.A.// Proceedings of SPIE//

An approach to the study of the porous structure of metal-organic frameworks (MOF) using guest luminescent molecules with specially selected spectral characteristics as acceptors of electronic excitation energy was suggested. If such molecules are adsorbed in MOF pores with sizes comparable to the Förster radius, Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) from photoexcited linkers occurs. In this case quenching of luminescence of the linker can serve as analytical signals indicating open pore structure of the MOF. The developed approach was demonstrated by the example of DUT-8(Zn) MOF and Coumarin 1 as guest molecules by time-resolved luminescence methods.