Lattice source for charge and spin inhomogeneity in 2D perovskite cuprates

Vladimir A. Gavrichkov, Semyon I. Polukeev//, e-Print Archive, Condensed Matter//

This work is an attempt to show structural sources for the charge and spin inhomogeneity in 2D perovskite HTSC cuprates. In addition to an interest in the nature of the inhomogeneous stripe state with a large isotope effect, we highlight the structural features of cuprates (tilted CuO6 octahedra with different orientation with respect to rock salt LaO layers), where sources of charge and spin inhomogeneity can be hidden. We used the Anderson model with the Jahn-Teller(JT) local cells, where it was shown in the Hartree Fock approximation the charge inhomogeneity arises at any low doping concentration x and disappears when the doping level exceeds threshold concentration xc, at which a nonzero JT displacement (tilting) separate CuO6 octahedron becomes possible.