Influence of a Thin V2O3 Spacer on Interlayer Interactions in Fe-Ni/V2O3/FeNi Film Structures

Patrin, G.S., Kobyakov, A.V., Yushkov, V.I., (...), Semenov, S.V., Moiseenko, E.T.// Processes//

n this paper, we explore the suggestions of the results of experimental studies on low-dimensional layered systems in FeNi/V2O3/FeNi film structures. The multifunctional material V2O3 is used as an interlayer between the magnetically active FeNi layers. The films were obtained by ultrahigh vacuum magnetron sputtering on a glass substrate with a base size of 10−10 Torr. It has been found that for V2O3 films, the decrease in the metal–semiconductor transition temperature increases significantly. Magnetic characteristics were studied on the MPMS-XL SQUID magnetometer. The exchange effect occurs both in the region where the oxide has a magnetic order and in the paramagnetic region. The latter is due to the effect of the magnetic panel in the oxide package. The phenomenon of oscillation of the exchange field occurs depending on the phenomenon of intermediate observation observed experimentally.