Hybrid Tamm and quasi-BIC microcavity modes

By: Buzin, D S; Pankin, P S; Maksimov, D N; Romanenko, G A; Sutormin, V S; Nabol, S V; Zelenov, F V; Masyugin, A N; Volochaev, M N; Vetrov, S Ya; et al// Nanoscale//

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1039/D3NR03241H

The microcavity in the form of a liquid crystal defect layer embedded in a one-dimensional photonic crystal is considered. The microcavity mode has a tunable radiation decay rate in the vicinity of a bound state in the continuum. It is demonstrated that coupling between the microcavity mode and a Tamm plasmon polariton results in hybrid Tamm-microcavity modes with a tunable Q factor. The measured spectral features of hybrid modes are explained in the framework of the temporal coupled mode theory.