Growth Conditions and the Structural and Magnetic Properties of Cu2MBO5 (M = Cr, Fe, Mn

E. M. Moshkina, N. A. Belskaya, M. S. Molokeev, A. F. Bovina, K. A. Shabanova, D. Kokh, Yu. V. Seretkin, D. A. Velikanov, E. V. Eremin, A. S. Krylov & L. N. Bezmaternykh // Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics//

Copper oxyborate single crystals with a ludwigite structure, Cu2MBO5 (M = Cr, Fe, Mn), containing different substitutes in the trivalent subsystem have been grown from Bi2O3–MoO3–Na2O–B2O3 fluxes. The structural properties of grown compounds have been compared in detail using X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy methods. In addition, these methods have been used to determine the degree of cationic ordering in these ludwigites. The temperature and field dependences of the Cu2MBO5 (M = Cr, Fe, Mn) ludwigite magnetization are presented.