Flux growth and phase diversity of the triple oxides of transition metals (Mn,Fe,Ga)2O3 in multicomponent fluxes based on Bi2O3-MoO3-B2O3-Na2O

Moshkina, E., Seryotkin, Y., Bayukov, O., (...), Krylov, A., Bezmaternykh, L.// CrystEngComm//

DOI https://doi.org/10.1039/D3CE00147D

To determine the mutual influence of the solvent and soluble in multicomponent fluxes based on Bi2O3–MoO3–B2O3–Na2O, the crystallization of the triple oxides of the transition metals (Mn,Fe,Ga)2O3 is investigated, namely the phases based on orthorhombic FeGaO3 and bixbyite FeMnO3. Simultaneously, a set of fluxes is studied based on the variation in the component ratio with regard to the solvent and soluble. The crucial role of various components of the flux system is considered at the intersection of the phase boundaries. Fluxes for the stable growth of (Mn,Fe,Ga)2O3 single crystals of the studied phases (based on orthorhombic FeGaO3 and bixbyite FeMnO3) are determined. A set of single crystal samples (9 samples) with different Fe/Mn/Ga ratios is obtained. The actual composition of the samples is studied using the EDX technique. The partition coefficients of Fe2O3, Mn2O3 and Ga2O3 in the studied fluxes are analyzed. The structure of the obtained samples is characterized using X-ray diffraction methods, including the phase composition, space group and lattice parameters. The room temperature Raman spectra of the obtained samples are presented. The distribution of iron cations over the crystal positions in the obtained phases is studied using Mössbauer spectroscopy.