Effects of internal and external decoherence on the resonant transport and Anderson localization of fermionic particles in the tight-binding chain

Kolovsky, Andrey R.// arXiv.org, e-Print Archive, Condensed Matter (2023) //


We revisit the problem of two-terminal transport of non-interacting Fermi particles across the tight-binding chain by employing the semi-microscopic model for the contacts, where we mimic the self-thermalization property of the contacts by using the Lindblad relaxation operators. It is argued that the dissipative dynamics of the contacts can essentially modify the line-shape of resonant peaks as compared to the Landauer-Büttiker theory. We also address the effect of this dissipative dynamics, which we refer to as external decoherence, on particle transport in disorder chains. It is shown that external decoherence reduces conductance fluctuations but does not affect the Anderson localization length.