Solid-state synthesis, magnetic and structural properties of epitaxial D03-Fe3Rh(001) thin films

Myagkov, V.G., Bykova, L.E., Zhigalov, V.S., (...), Bondarenko, G.N., Velikanov, D.A.// Intermetallics//

Here we first report on the formation of epitaxial D03-Fe3Rh(001) films grown during solid-state reaction in Rh/Fe(001) bilayers on MgO(001) substrates. Samples of the Fe68Rh32 composition above 400 °C showed the formation of a new ordered phase, in addition to the ordered B2–FeRh phase (space group Pm-3m, lattice constant a = 0.2993 nm), which becomes the dominant phase in Fe76Rh24 samples. These results and the results of the asymmetrical XRD φ-scan prove that the new ordered phase is the ordered D03-Fe3Rh(001) phase (space group Fm-3m, lattice constant a = 0.5888 nm), forming a cube-on-cube orientation relationship with respect to the MgO(001) substrate. The D03-Fe3Rh sample is a soft magnetic material with high saturation magnetization.