Complex interplay between 3d and 4f magnetic systems in multiferroic DyMnO3

Matveeva, A.N., Zobkalo, I.A., Meven, M., (...), Shaykhutdinov, K.A., Hutanu, V.// Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials//

Structural and magnetic properties of single crystals of DyMnO3 were investigated by neutron diffraction in order to study the peculiarities of 3d-4f interactions in this compound. Precise magnetic order and its detailed temperature evolution were determined using single crystal neutron diffraction. Elliptical cycloid on manganese subsystem below TCh = 19 K was confirmed, with temperature decrease the elipticity of the Mn magnetic structure reduces significantly, creating almost circular cycloid. Temperature evolution of the magnetic structure demonstrate specific hysteretic behavior. The results show a complex interplay between transition metal and rare earth magnetic sublattices leading to so-called “Mn- controlled” and “Dy- controlled” magnetic states. The strong and complicate 3d-4f interaction leads to the unusual very slow magnetic structure relaxation.