Characteristics of Angular Dependences of Parameters of Ferromagnetic and Spin-Wave Resonance Spectra of Magnetic Films

Vazhenina, I.G., Iskhakov, R.S., Yakovchuk, V.Y.// Physics of Metals and Metallography//

This paper presents the results of measuring the main parameters of the ferromagnetic and spin-wave resonance spectra (resonant field, linewidth, and intensity) of single-layer permalloy films at various angles in the out-of-plane orientation. The effect of the type of surface conditions on the angular dependence of the intensity ratio of adjacent modes is studied. A correspondence is established between the angle of the applied constant magnetic field with respect to the normal to the film and the change in the oscillation type from uniform to nonuniform. The revealed features of the angular dependences of the resonant field and the intensity of the spectral peak can be successfully used in the identification of microwave spectra. The fundamental magnetic parameters (effective magnetization, exchange interaction constant, surface anisotropy constant, and perpendicular anisotropy field) were determined.