Synthesis and Growth of Rare Earth Borates NaSrR(BO3)2(R = Ho-Lu, Y, Sc)

Kuznetsov, A.B., Kokh, K.A., Sagatov, N., (...), Goreiavcheva, A.A., Kokh, A.E.// Inorganic Chemistry//


NaSrR(BO3)2 (R = Ho-Lu, Y, Sc) compounds were obtained for the first time. Their structures exhibit disordered positions of Sr2+ and Na+ atoms while RO6 polyhedra are connected through the BO3 groups. Large distances between R atoms and high transparency in the range of 250-900 nm make them promising for phosphor applications. A pathway to obtain single crystals was shown by growing NaSrY(BO3)2 and NaSrYb(BO3)2 by the top seeded solution growth method with Na2O-B2O3-NaF flux. © 2022 American Chemical Society.