"Smart" nanoscalpel for microsurgery of glial tumors of the human brain

Zamay, S.S., Narodov, A.A., Galeev, R.G., (...), Luzan, N.A., Kichkailo, A.S.// Siberian Medical Review//


We studied the effectiveness of magnetomechanical therapy in the treatment of brain glial tumors using magnetic nanodiscs functionalized with DNA aptamers to human brain tumor glial cells. • Materials and methods. The formation of a model of human glioblastoma was carried out by intracranial injection of tumor cells of glioblastoma obtained from a patient with glioblastoma. Antitumor therapy was carried out using nanodiscs modified with the Gli233 aptamer. The growth of the glial tumor was monitored using NMR tomography. • Results and discussion. Therapy of a glial tumor during 4 sessions of magnetomechanical therapy using a "smart" nanoscalpel in MF (10Hz, 100Oe) led to a significant reduction in its size, while glial tumors in mice that were treated with nanodiscs modified with nonspecific aptamers continued to increase in size. • Conclusion. Microsurgery using three-layer magnetic nanodisks with a quasi-dipole structure (Au/Ni/Au) modified with the specific for glial cells Gli233 aptamer (“smart” nanoscalpel) is effective for the treatment of human glial tumors in the brain.