Polymer-Dispersed Cholesteric Liquid Crystal under Homeotropic Anchoring: Electrically Induced Structures with lambda(1/2)-Disclination

Anna P. Gardymova, Mikhail N. Krakhalev, Vladimir Yu. Rudyak, Vadim A. Barbashov, and Victor Ya. Zyryanov// POLYMERS //


Orientational structures of polymer-dispersed cholesteric liquid crystal under homeotropic anchoring and their transformations under the action of an electric field are studied. The switching of cholesteric droplets between different topological states are experimentally and theoretically demonstrated. Structures with λ+1/2-disclination are found and considered. These structures are formed during the transformation of a twisted toroidal configuration induced by a decrease in the electric field when a relative chiral parameter N0>6.3. The transformation of the initial structure with a bipolar distribution of the helix axis into a twisted toroidal configuration and then into a structure with λ+1/2-disclination is investigated in detail. The behavior of these structures under the influence of an external electric field, as well as the appearance of structures with λ1/2-disclination, are studied. Obtained results are promising for the development of optical materials with programmable properties.