Optimizing trapped field in superconductors with perforations

Gokhfeld, D.M., Maksimova, A.N., Kashurnikov, V.A., Moroz, A.N.// Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications//


The use of artificial holes can improve the performance of high-temperature bulk superconductors. We report the results of Monte Carlo simulations of the trapped magnetic flux in superconducting samples with different configurations of perforated holes. Vortex trapping and emission at the hole boundary were modeled to account for flux pinning on the holes. It was found that the trapped flux can reach its maximum value, which does not depend on the number of holes. The dependence of the trapped flux on the diameter and number of holes is explored and described by the suggested relations that account for pinning on the holes and the effective hole area. Recommendations are provided to attain the maximum trapped flux for a fixed number or diameter of holes.