Optical Vortices with A Quadratic Azimuthal Phase Dependence

Ikonnikov, D.A., Kotlyar, V.V., Kovalev, A.A., Vyunishev, A.M.// Annalen der Physik//


The light diffraction on fork-shaped binary phase holograms (BPHs) with quadratic azimuthal phase term is considered. The distribution of intensity and phase, including positions of singularities and their number on the value of the quadratic term is revealed and analyzed. A simple analytical expression for the total topological charge (TC) of optical vortices (OVs) is derived for arbitrary power of azimuthal phase dependence. In order to visualize the phase distributions and phase singularities, interference measurements are carried out. The results of analytical and numerical calculations are confirmed by experimental data. These results may provide new possibilities for optical trapping and manipulation.