Modification of Polycaproamide Composites Based on 1H,1H,13H-rihydroperfluorotridecan-1-ol and Montmorillonite

S. V. Kudashev, A. A. Kondrasenko, A. N. Maiulev, V. A. Babkin, V. S. Belousova, D. S. Andreev, V. F. Zheltobryukhov & N. V. Kuznetsova // Fibre Chemistry//

Modification of polycaproamide by 1H,1H,13H-trihydroperfluorotridecan-1-ol immobilized on montmorillonite produced an F-containing polymer composite. The structure of the resulting composite was investigated using x-ray structure analysis and solid-state 19F NMR spectroscopy. The polymorphous composition of this heterochain polymer was shown to reorganize to enhance its thermal stability and diminish its flammability. Possible mechanisms for the stabilizing effect of the used modifier that were related to the involvement of organo-clay paramagnetic centers in the binding of macroradicals formed during thermal decomposition of macromolecular chains were discussed.