Metal-Dielectric Polarization-Preserving Anisotropic Mirror for Chiral Optical Tamm State

Natalya V. Rudakova, Rashid G. Bikbaev, Pavel S. Pankin, Stepan Ya. Vetrov, Ivan V. Timofeev, Kuo-Ping Chen and Wei Lee // NANOMATERIALS//

This numerical study demonstrates the possibility of exciting a chiral optical Tamm state localized at the interface between a cholesteric liquid crystal and a polarization-preserving anisotropic mirror conjugated to a metasurface. The difference of the proposed structure from a fully dielectric one is that the metasurface makes it possible to decrease the number of layers of a polarization-preserving anisotropic mirror by a factor of more than two at the retained Q-factor of the localized state. It is shown that the proposed structure can be used in a vertically emitting laser.