Magnetic resonance properties of low-dimensional cobalt – Al2O3-germanium tunnel contacts

Kobyakov, A.V., Patrin, G.S., Yushkov, V.I., (...), Kosyrev, N.N., Zharkov, S.M.// Magnetic Resonance in Solids//


The magnetic resonance properties of a low-dimensional cobalt-Al2O3-germanium tunnel contact are studied in this work. The appearance of minima observed at low temperatures on both sides of the cobalt layer was found on the thermomagnetic curve. The value of the temperature minimum differs in magnitude on both sides of the cobalt layer. The position of the minimum in the temperature dependence of magnetization depends on the sample preparation technology. As a result of layer growth, at least two magnetic phases appear. One contribution is from the spins of ferromagnetic particles (cobalt particles with a hexagonal close packed lattice), and additional contributions from the magnetically disordered phase of fine cobalt particles and Co-Al2O3 compounds.