Magnetic Properties of the DyMn2O5-Mn3O4 Nanoparticle Composite

Patrin, G. S.; Mataev, M. M.; Abdraimova, M. R.; Tursinova, Zh. I.; Kezdikbaeva, A. T.; et al. // Technical Physics//

The magnetic and resonance properties of the DyMn2O5–Mn3O4 nanoparticle composite have been experimentally investigated. Two magnetic transitions at temperatures of T1 ≈ 65 K and T2 ≈ 230 K have been established; the T1 value differs from the temperatures of the transitions in the initial materials, which has been attributed to the interparticle interactions. Temperature T2 corresponds to the DyMnO3 impurity phase (1 at %). Three microwave absorption peaks have been observed in the magnetic resonance spectrum, which is explained within the model of a magnetically two-phase system. One resonance is attributed to Mn3O4, and the other two peaks are attributed to an ensemble of highly anisotropic DyMn2O5 particles with a random distribution of anisotropy axes.