Magnetic Frequency Doubler

Govorun, I.V., Afonin, A.O., Ugryumov, A.V., (...), Leksikov, A.A., Boev, N.M.// International Conference of Young Specialists on Micro/Nanotechnologies and Electron Devices, EDM//

This article presents the compact magnetic frequency doubler based on a quarter-wavelength stepped-impedance microstrip resonator with a 125-nm-thick permalloy (Ni 70 Fe 30 ) magnetic film. For the first time, the implementation of a frequency doubler operating at the high-field peak is shown. To produce a uniform magnetic field in the thin magnetic film plane, the magnetic system consisting of individual permanent magnets and based on the circular Halbach array was developed. The uniformity of the magnetic field in the region of 10×10 mm 2 was 4.9%. Two bandpass filters were developed. The input filter serves to purify the input signal from parasitic harmonics. The output filter blocks the input signal in the resonator. The resonator, magnetic system, input and output filters are integrated into a single device. The maximum measured conversion efficiency was 0.97% (at 1 GHz) at the input power of 4800 mW. The −3 dB fractional bandwidth of the magnetic frequency doubler was 2.15%.