Low-hydrogenated ZnCoAlO films: structure, magneto-optical and magnetic behavior

Samoshkina, Y.E., Petrov, D.A., Chou, H.// Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing//


Morphology, chemical composition, crystal structure, and magnetic circular dichroism of ZnO films doped simultaneously with Co and Al (CAZO) have been studied. The films were deposited on glass substrates by the RF magnetron sputtering of the Zn0.93Co0.05Al0.02O target. Low hydrogen concentrations of 1–4% were used in mixed Ar + H2 atmosphere together with high enough substrate temperature of 450 °C. A tendency to a decrease in the Zn amount and an increase in the relative Co and Al content in the films has been revealed in the presence of hydrogen in the atmosphere. The structural data of the studied films correlate well with those for high-hydrogenated (20–50% H2) CAZO films deposited under the same conditions and studied earlier. The new data indicate the prospect of obtaining ferromagnetic samples based on ZnO without any secondary phases.