Low Cost Embedded Copper Mesh Based on Cracked Template for Highly Durability Transparent EMI Shielding Films

Voronin, Anton S.; Fadeev, Yurii V.; Makeev, Mstislav O.; Mikhalev, Pavel A.; Osipkov, Alexey S.; et al. // Materials//


Embedded copper mesh coatings with low sheet resistance and high transparency were formed using a low-cost Cu seed mesh obtained with a magnetron sputtering on a cracked template, and subsequent operations electroplating and embedding in a photocurable resin layer. The influence of the mesh size on the optoelectric characteristics and the electromagnetic shielding efficiency in a wide frequency range is considered. In optimizing the coating properties, a shielding efficiency of 49.38 dB at a frequency of 1 GHz, with integral optical transparency in the visible range of 84.3%, was obtained. Embedded Cu meshes have been shown to be highly bending stable and have excellent adhesion strength. The combination of properties and economic costs for the formation of coatings indicates their high prospects for practical use in shielding transparent objects, such as windows and computer monitors.