Influence of a Strong Magnetic Field on the AC Transport Properties of Fe/SiO2/n-Si MIS Structure

D. A. Smolyakov, M. V. Rautskii, I. A. Bondarev, I. A. Yakovlev, S. G. Ovchinnikov, N. V. Volkov & A. S. Tarasov // Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics//

The ac transport properties of a Fe/SiO2/n-Si MIS structure made in the form of a Schottky diode have been studied in magnetic fields up to 9 T. A shift in the maxima of the temperature dependences of the impedance real part observed in the magnetic field is accompanied by the magnetoimpedance effect and takes place only at a certain relative orientation between the magnetic field and the surface of the sample. It has been found that the magnetoimpedance effect is related to the recharge of impurity states. Impurity state energy Es in the presence and absence of the magnetic field has been calculated. The impurity state energy is a nonlinear function of magnetic field and can be qualitatively characterized in terms of the theory of the Zeeman giant effect in diluted magnetic semiconductors. Other mechanisms of magnetic field influence on ac transport in MIS structures, specifically, on the impurity state recharge, cannot be disregarded either. This points calls for further investigation. Obtained data may provide a deeper insight into the nature of magnetoresistive effects in semiconductors and be used to design new-generation microelectronic devices.