High Strength Ceramic Substrates Based on Perlite and Foam Silicates for Filtration Membranes

N. P. Fadeeva, M. V. Pavlov, I. A. Kharchenko, M. M. Simunin, K. A. Shabanova, V. F. Pavlov & I. I. Ryzhkov// Membranes and Membrane Technologies//


Samples of two-layer ceramics based on polydisperse powder of the pearlite mineral and foam silicates possessing high compressive strength up to 50 MPa, thermal stability up to 1150°C, and water permeability of 272 m3/h m2 bar have been obtained. According to the X-ray powder diffraction analysis, the supporting substrate material is X-ray amorphous. The average pore size of the supporting substrate is 40 µm, while the average pore size of the modifying layer is 17 µm according to the bubble method and electron microscopy. The obtained materials are promising for use as substrates of microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and nanofiltration membranes.