Features of Physical Observables of a Strongly Correlated Superconducting Nanowire with Rashba Spin–Orbit Interaction

Shustin, M.S., Aksenov, S.V.// Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics//


We analyze the behavior of caloric characteristics and the electron component of the spin polarization of excitations in the regime of strong electron correlations of a nanowire, which is characterized by induced superconductivity of the extended s-type symmetry, the Rashba spin–orbit interaction, and the Zeeman splitting of on-site energy. The problem has been analyzed using the density matrix renormalization group method. It is shown that for unambiguous identification of different phases (the topologically trivial phase with edge excitations and without them, as well as topologically nontrivial phases with one or several pairs of Majorana modes), it is insufficient to analyze each of the aforementioned characteristics separately; it is necessary to consider their features simultaneously.