Excitonic ordering in strongly correlated spin crossover systems: Induced magnetism and excitonic excitation spectrum

Orlov, Y.S., Nikolaev, S.V., Kuz'min, V.I., Zarubin, A.E., Ovchinnikov, S.G.// Physical Review B//


The effects associated with interatomic hoppings of excitons and the excitonic Bose condensate formation in strongly correlated spin crossover systems are considered in the framework of the effective Hamiltonian for the two-band Kanamori model. The appearance of antiferromagnetic ordering due to the exciton order is found even in the absence of interatomic exchange interaction. The spectrum of excitonic excitations is calculated at various points of the temperature vs crystal field phase diagram. Outside the region of exciton ordering, the spectrum has a gap, which vanishes at the boundary of the exciton condensate phase. The nonuniform spectral weight distribution over the Brillouin zone is found. The role of electron-phonon interaction is discussed as well.