Electrosound and asymmetry of the I-V characteristic induced by ultrasound in the RexMn1-xS (Re = Tm, Yb)

Aplesnin, Sergey; Sitnikov, Maxim; Romanova, Oxana; Kharkov, Anton; Begisheva, Olga; et al. // European Physical Journal Plus//


A correlation between the temperatures corresponding to the maxima of the sound attenuation and temperature resistance coefficient in the RexMn1−xS solid solutions related to the condensation of electrons and holes has been established. X-ray diffraction, energy-dispersive X-ray spectrum, and scanning electron microscope techniques have been used to investigate the microstructure of the samples. In the Yb0.2Mn0.8S compound, a decrease in the ultrasound attenuation with increasing temperature has been observed. The functional dependences of the electrosound on the ultrasound intensity and carrier type and the change in the electrosound sign with temperature have been established. The asymmetry of the I–V characteristic depending on the ultrasound intensity and the attenuation coefficient depending on the electric field has been found. The nonlinear attenuation of the ultrasound as a function of the intensity has been observed. Model of elastic and inelastic scattering of current carriers by acoustic phonons, deformation interaction is used to explain the asymmetry.