Dynamic processes of the water sublattice in FeTiF6·xH2O·yD2O crystal

Gerasimova Yu.V.,Krylov A.S.,Vtyurin A.N.,Laptash N.M.,Pogoreltsev E.I.,Dubrovskiy A.A.,Gerasimov M.A.// Journal of Raman Spectroscopy//


Phase transition in (Formula presented.) crystals has been studied by Raman spectroscopy. The 611 cm−1 line corresponding to mode (Formula presented.) of (Formula presented.) system does not exhibit anomalous behavior associated with the phase transition. The temperature studies showed that below the phase transition temperature, the equivalence of D2O molecules in (Formula presented.) octahedron is broken. The phase transition mechanism in the compound under study is associated with (Formula presented.) complex.