Degenerate bound states in the continuum in square and triangular open acoustic resonators

Sadreev, A., Bulgakov, E., Pilipchuk, A., Miroshnichenko, A., Huang, L.// Physical Review B//

We consider square and equilateral triangular open acoustic resonators with the C4v and C3v symmetries, respectively. There is a unique property of square and triangular resonators of accidental number fourfold degeneracy of eigenstates that gives rise to twofold-degenerate Friedrich-Wintgen (FW) bound states in the continuum (BICs). Compared to usual FW BICs, the degenerate FW BICs maintain high Q factor in wide range of the size of resonators. That removes the fabrication difficulties of the proper choice of resonator. The presence of degenerate BICs in triangular resonators is extremely sensitive to switch output flows by small perturbations with 100% efficiency.