Chemistry of vinylidene complexes—XXVII—new µ-vinylidene MnPt complexes with platinum-coordinated 1-adamantyl isocyanide ligand: spectroscopic, structural and electrochemical study

Victor V. Verpekin, Oleg S. Chudin, Alexander A. Kondrasenko, Galina V. Burmakina, Alexander D. Vasiliev, Dmitry V. Zimonin & Anatoly I. Rubaylo // Transition Metal Chemistry//

New binuclear MnPt µ-vinylidene complexes Cp(CO)2Mn(µ-C=CHPh)Pt(CN–Ad)(L) [L=PPh3 (1a), P(OPri)3 (2a)] bearing a terminal platinum-coordinated 1-adamantyl isocyanide ligand were prepared by the treatment of Cp(CO)2Mn(µ-C=CHPh)Pt(CO)(L) [L=PPh3 (1b), P(OPri)3 (2b)] with CN-Ad. At the same time the reaction between Cp(CO)2Mn(µ-C=CHPh)Pt(L)2 [L=PPh3 (1c), P(OPri)3 (2c)] and CN-Ad did not proceed. The new complexes were characterized by IR and 1H, 13C, 31P NMR spectroscopy. The molecular structure of Cp(CO)2Mn(µ-C=CHPh)Pt(CN–Ad)[P(OPri)3] (2a) was determined by an X-ray diffraction study. The redox properties of the new complexes and their reactions of chemical oxidation were studied. An influence of the platinum-coordinated 1-adamantyl isocyanide ligand on the properties of the synthesized µ-vinylidene compounds 1a and 2a was revealed.