Broadband Tamm Plasmons in Chirped Photonic Crystals for Light-Induced Water Splitting

Pyatnov, Maxim, V; Bikbaev, Rashid G.; Timofeev, Ivan, V; Ryzhkov, Ilya I.; Vetrov, Stepan Ya; et al. // Nanomaterials//

An electrode of a light-induced cell for water splitting based on a broadband Tamm plasmon polariton localized at the interface between a thin TiN layer and a chirped photonic crystal has been developed. To facilitate the injection of hot electrons from the metal layer by decreasing the Schottky barrier, a thin n-Si film is embedded between the metal layer and multilayer mirror. The chipping of a multilayer mirror provides a large band gap and, as a result, leads to an increase in the integral absorption from 52 to 60 percent in the wavelength range from 700 to 1400 nm. It was shown that the photoresponsivity of the device is 32.1 mA/W, and solar to hydrogen efficiency is 3.95%.