Broad luminescence tuning in Mn2+-doped Rb2Zn3(P2O7)2via doping level control based on multiple synergies

Liu, Q., Dang, P., Zhang, G., (...), Cheng, Z., Lin, J.// CrystEngComm//

Here we constructed a series of novel non-centrosymmetric structure phosphors [Rb2Zn3(P2O7)2:Mn2+] by a high-temperature solid-state reaction. The multiband emission can be designed by Mn2+ preferentially occupying three types of crystallographic sites in Rb2Zn3(P2O7)2:Mn2+. The emission color could be continuously tuned from yellow-green to orange-red via multiple synergies among crystallographic site engineering, energy transfer, and Mn–Mn dimmers alone through the dopant concentration. These color-tunable phosphors have good thermal stability (I150 °C/I25 °C = 91%). The as-prepared pc-WLED has a low corresponding color temperature (CCT = 4820 K) and a high color rendering index (Ra = 90.4) with CIE color coordinates of (0.351, 0.358). These results show that emission-tunable Rb2Zn3(P2O7)2:xMn2+ phosphors are potential candidates for application in n-UV-based pc-WLED devices. This study offers a new insight for wide-range tuning of PL properties by using crystallographic site engineering through changing the doping level in Mn-activated phosphors.