ALD Stripline Resonator and Bandpass Filters for VHF and UHF Bands

Belyaev, Boris; Serzhantov, Alexey; Balva, Yaroslav; Galeev, Rinat; Lemberg, Konstantin; et al. // 2021 Ieee Mtt-s International Microwave Filter Workshop (Imfw)//

DOI: 10.1109/IMFW49589.2021.9642365

It is shown that for an optimal substrate thickness ALD technology will be promising for IF bandpass filter designing. A two-conductor stripline ALD resonator with central frequency 200 MHz will have Q-factor 53 with total length 3.7 mm (0.0025λ g ) and the frequency separation of the first and the second oscillation modes up to 59. Two bandpass filters for VHF and UHF designed and fabricated for commercial application display good agreement between the simulation and the experiment. A 3-pole bandpass filter with central frequency 255 MHz and lateral size 15.8×3.2 mm 2 has stopband width 13.5f 0 , and a 6-pole bandpass filter with central frequency 1250 MHz and lateral size 4.4×5.1 mm 2 has stopband width 9.4f 0 .