A Transparent Radio Frequency Shielding Coating Obtained Using a Self-Organized Template

Voronin, A. S.; Fadeev, Yu, V; Govorun, I., V; Voloshin, A. S.; Tambasov, I. A.; et al. // Technical Physics Letters//


We present a simple and affordable technology for producing a thin-film transparent radio-shielding material. The material is a silver micromesh coating produced using a self-organized template. The results of a study of the radio-shielding properties of these coatings in the X and K bands are presented. The micromesh coating with a sheet resistance of 6.8 Ω/sq and integrated optical transmission of 83.6% is characterized by a shielding efficiency of 28.4 dB at a frequency of 8 GHz, which corresponds to a shielding of 99.85% of radiation. Reflection is the main mechanism for shielding radio waves by micromesh coatings.